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Cybersecurity remains one of the most challenging issues for business of any size, market sector or business model. The state of cybersecurity among businesses in must continue to improve.  Recent data analysts predict great trouble for those who have no digital protection policies in place.  This includes a full disaster recovery plan, application and data monitoring, cyber security training, intrusion prevention and detection mechanisms and well-defined breach response strategies.

In 2019, businesses not only have the security of the network perimeter to monitor, but an ever-changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities they must acknowledge and become proactive in strategy.  Company data is increasingly becoming a business’ greatest assists or, potentially, the biggest liability.  The cyber security posture of the company, the public domain that represents it, workforce digital behavior and the tightly bound interactions of these assets essentially define the business’ future in digital succession.

Trust with clients and vendors are synonymous with sustainable profitability.  However, today is a time of unprecedented external threat and the workforce is adopting more diverse applications with every IoT device in the organization.  All of which are connected to company data and cloud services and are a protentional security breach; 60% of employees are adopting non-IT sanctioned consumer grade applications.  Thus, it’s of no surprise that last year, 160 million customer records are leaked through holes in organizations security practices.


Quickly, easily and effectively back up company files, business applications, cloud services, workstations, servers.

Power by Veeam, and backed by the HYPERNOVA Cloud.  Completely managed, pay-as-you-go with subscriptions from 1-12 months.

Managed Backup (client/server/workstation):

$5 per endpoint | 50GB included

$25 per 1TB


The foundation of your security.  Hyper Nova Networks bundles security services with trusted partners and assist in the monitoring and understanding of detection and risk mitigation.


Devices and Employees are Endpoints

Backed by Webroot for Business and coupled with Microsoft Advanced Threat protection, Hyper Nova Networks' Endpoint Security Bundle provides essential monitoring of data, device behavior and training to staff.  Coupled with DNS protection and advanced reporting.

$6 per endpoint per month


Data is everywhere

Solve the problem of scattered data and take back the digital property of the company.  

Scattered data across employee devices, personal email, company archives and consumer backup systems leaves every business vulnerable unsuspectingly susceptible to a direct attack or a potential pawn in a bigger attack against on of your clients or business partners.

Cloud Monitoring helps identify the risks and mitigate these problems before they arrive.

$6 per endpoint per month


Dark Web Scanning

Your public domain, the records associated with it and your employee email addresses (business and personal) have been comprised.

This is a scary but true fact.  Preventing the next attack towards your company is understanding the data breaches you and your staff have already been victims of. 

With the help of Hyper Nova Networks dark web data collection partners, understand what information will be used against you and plan to prevent it before it happens.

$8 per employee per month

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